Take a step into the past!

DAY TOURS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. Take a daytime tour of the Villisca Axe Murder House

For history buffs, true crime enthusiasts, the faint-of-heart, schools or clubs. Since opening the house to the public, it has been the host to school groups from across the midwest as well as individuals interested in history, crime or those who just aren't ready to tackle the house after dark.


The price for an individual daytime tour of the house is $10.00 per person 12 and over, Children 7-11 are $5, and seniors 65 and over are $5 Day tours will be open March 31st. Tues-sun 1pm-330pm

Visitor's say....

"I went to the house on a day tour for a paper I was writing for one of my crime classes. But even during the day I got this feeling of being watched. Planning on going back for an overnight with friends. That and my boyfriend is a skeptic and I am bound to make a believer out of him :-P What better place that Villisca? Oh and the cafe in town has AWESOME food, I really recommend stopping in and having a bite to eat!" Lindsey~ Cedar Rapids, Ia

"We visited the house today and found it to be so interesting, I will definately go back. We really had a great time today!" Shyanne~ Des Moines/Ankeny, Ia

"I am in love with this house. I have been, and still plan on visiting every year." Becca ~ Council Bluffs, IA

"I took my daughter and granddaughter thru the house around last Thanksgiving. They were awed by the house and enjoyed their visit. They're planning on coming back as soon as they can." Conie ~ Omaha, NE


Phone your deposits to:

Martha Linn