A summary of my personal experiences at The Villisca Axe Murder House by Pat Bussen of Waukesha, Wisconsin. My first visit to The Villisca Axe Murder House was in June of 2009. It was a simple day tour of the house and the cemetery, but since that very day I have been hooked. Since that time I have spent many overnight visits at the house and not one time have I had any regrets. As far as paranormal activity goes, this house comes through loud and proud. Over the past few years I have accumulated many EVP's from this house, both live and residual. I have also called out the names of the Moore children and Lena and Ina Stillinger, who were all victims on that fateful night, to turn my flashlight on and off when asked and they did just that! These impressive paranormal incidents occurred in The Blue Room, where Lena and Ina were murdered and the upstairs bedroom where the four Moore children were murdered. I have also felt cold spots in this house that I cannot offer an explanation for but were there. Based on my personal experiences and EVP captures along with my own gut feeling, I believe the spirits of all eight victims still dwell within that house. The burning question is, “Why?” Is it due to fear and trauma as a result of the incident itself or is it because that house is the last place they knew? Or all of the above? Or none of the above? A couple of years back, I became a member of a paranormal investigation team called International Ghost Research Society (IGRS) and we have spent a few overnights at the house, gathering plenty of audio and video evidence to convince even the most hardcore skeptic that The Villisca Axe Murder House is most definitely haunted. This house has a mystique all of its own and will rival any other allegedly haunted location. An overnight visit to this house will make most skeptics believers come sunrise the next morning! What happened in that house in June of 1912 was terrible and tragic. It was something that never should have happened. I believe there are many secrets embedded within the town of Villisca concerning the axe murders that may never be revealed. In closing, I am glad I discovered The Villisca Axe Murder House as a paranormal investigation hot spot and a place to remember the victims as well. I look forward to many more memorable visits to this house.